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September 9, 2024

What pastors are saying about PTC:

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I enjoy reading/studying, but listening to authors/thinkers explain a text or a theological perspective in real time is my preferred way to learn...I loved formal schooling. These sessions take me back to what I loved best about it (and it comes without tests, quizzes, and papers to write).

– Jack A.

As a guy who has been out of the academic classroom for many years, I find it so refreshing to sit in a classroom setting and learn new insights in biblical thinking. It was worth every moment of my time and I can’t wait for the next Pastor-Theologian Collective.
– Bill M.

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As pastors we are called by God to “Feed My Sheep” (John 21:15-19). This has always been my greatest blessing in Serving Him. There is time though, when we need to be fed as well, lest we neglect to obey God’s word in 1 Peter 3:15 “…always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you…”. The last Pastor-Theologian Collective was just what I needed to be refreshed and equipped for continued service.  – Josh S.

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This is something all churches in Wisconsin needs. It was great that the Pastor-Theologian Collective wasn't just another networking event, but something where as pastors we could come and be filled together. Too many churches are in competition building bigger barns instead of building up one another...  - Ryan J.

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The instruction from Dr. O'Donnell was engaging, informative, and practical. I was reminded that everyone grieves, and Job prepares us to navigate through times of suffering. I left with a greater confidence and motivation to share the message of Job with my own congregation. - Greg L.

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While I don’t recall how many of the Pastor-Theologian Collectives I have attended, I can say that each one was well worth the time. The teaching at a recent event with Dr. Mike Bullmore was most helpful for both doctrine and practical application in ministry roles, not just for pastors. It was certainly gospel-centric teaching. - Wayne W.


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About PTC

For many pastors, it has been a few years since they have had the opportunity to sit in a classroom and hear a theologically enriching presentation. Two pastors from Southern Wisconsin want to change that and provide opportunities for pastors to be theologically challenged and equipped. So, David Bartosik and Jeremy Scott formed the Pastor-Theologian Collective in 2022.

The Pastor-Theologian Collective exists to stretch pastors theologically, giving them access to theologians in a specialized field. Consequently, pastors from Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois gather for a seminar and fellowship three times a year.

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